Aquarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You'll experience moments of great instability - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, November 25, 2020

You feel like you're forever struggling, but your reward will soon come


Today Aquarius will feel constant ups and downs which might appear like utter instability, a puzzle that you’ll only put together in the end, once you place all the pieces together.

If you leave aside potential disputes: work, family, money or external interference and judgement, with the guidance of Mars in Sagittarius you’ll experience a perfect phase to strengthen your emotional and sexual complicity.

If you’re single, you’ll want a love that excites your body, mind and heart. You’ll dream of genuine and authentic passion, strong enough to shake off the past cobwebs and help you enjoy the present to the fullest and look towards the future with confidence. However, you’ll always have a special ability to make the most of the fleeting moment.

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At work you must know that every droplet of sweat off your forehead will have been worthwhile, because it will enhance your professionalism and it will help you, even if indirectly, to get closer to your goal.

However, with the dissonant triad of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto you’ll have to work very hard and you might be deflated at times, where you’ll only see a bleak horizon ahead of you.

On the other hand, you should tread carefully when it comes to money matters. This includes all loans, mortgages or personal credits you may have requested.

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Aquarius, when it comes to your health, Mars, the planet of energy, will give you a solid guarantee of wellbeing and your ability to preserve it. However, the almost physical need to compete with others might ruin your good form.

Leave power struggles aside, and focus on what is truly worthwhile in life, which your physical and emotional health. Remember that material things come and go.

Use your vast amounts of energy to improve your health and prevent potential ailments or illnesses and develop your emotional intelligence. Without this, you’ll hardly be able to be happy.