Aquarius Thursday on a night sky background

There's progress in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, February 25, 2021

You need to act decisively but without haste, things are dlowing the way they should, go with the flow of change


The transits of Saturn and Jupiter in your sign might bring solid commitment and even make a long-standing relationship move on to something more serious.

This might include, among other things, getting married, signing wills and contracts, and even prenuptial agreements. Having to deal with some documents is linked partly to the presence of the north node in Gemini, a kindred air sign.

Aquarius who have been testing the waters for too long and are finally ready to find the one should tread carefully, without throwing themselves into the first love they find.

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When it comes to your work, this is a period where the Age of Aquarius can truly come into its own, bringing good surprises that will give you support and prosperity.

This can lead to financial agreements and contracts which used to feel too constrictive and which now have more negotiable terms.

This is a wonderful moment for your sign to consider going back to university, changing careers or even seeking more public exposure. This can be useful for those who work in visual arts and businesses which require you putting your face and name out there for the world to see.


When it comes to your health, you’re ready to fully accept and appreciate the incredible vibes the universe has to offer.  If you believe in something beyond the strictly material, it’s time to delve deeper into it.

It’s a great moment to ask your spiritual guides for what you want, and to prepare to encounter a surprise at every turn. It’s all a matter of trusting in yourself and in life.

However, you also need to make an effort and look after yourself, owning the responsibility for your health is essential if you want to improve your life.

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