The sign of Aquarius with a black starred background

You're surrounded by good vibes - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, December 25, 2020

Everything in your life takes on a different shine, it's as if you were about to make great personal progress


The moon in your area of romance is an advantage for Aquarius, at a first glance it not only gave the month a romantic beginning, but the full moon eclipse that took place on the 30th of November is still having an impact.

This implies the possibility that these romantic lunar vibrations could have an impact even until the end of this month of December.  Your relationship will benefit from this.

Single Aquarius will be dreamers, more than ever, and they’re likely to fall into the arms of a somewhat manipulative person, so they’ll have to keep an eye out and stop on their tracks if need be.

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On a professional level, this is a good moment to sort out financial matters or conclude repayments. During this moment you can strengthen your position at work.

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to realize that you’ve missed a chance or idea. However, you’ll be invited to a meeting with an influential person who could change things for you.

You’re likely to be about to receive money or experience the favourable development of financial rapports. Generally speaking, this will be a favourable day for all those who sell small appliances and communication systems.


When it comes to your health, this is the first time in decades that Saturn and Jupiter have been in Aquarius at the same time, but their alignment from the 20th to the 25th of December will be their first and only alignment in Aquarius in your lifetime.

The two most powerful planets in the solar system will unite in the days leading up to Christmas, to put their combined weight on the opening of new energy portals.

Now is when you have to gain momentum to leave behind anything that ties you down and prevents you from soaring high. Change is possible, and this is a unique opportunity.

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