Aquarius Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You need time for yourself - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, November 24, 2020

You'll have a strong proclivity towards solitude, however, your work will demand great involvement from yourself


The obstacles you’ll encounter in your emotional life will mainly arise from jealousy. It might be your partner who suffocates you with their jealousy, or perhaps you’ll be accosted by suspicion which exists only in your head.

The thing is that, today, things won’t go as well for Aquarius as they could. It’s best not to lose an honest dialogue, although at times you’d want to huff and puff in impatience.

On the other hand, Mercury will soon enter the sign of Capricorn, placing itself in your twelfth house, the one that speaks of solitude, introspection and positive transformations. Perhaps that’s all you need, being alone with yourself for a bit.

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At work, with Mars looking good in your sign, this promises to be a very eventful day, where you’ll feel good in your body and mind.

You’ll feel and appear quick and agile in the execution of every task, due to which you might accomplish notable achievements.

On the other hand, trips and international relations will benefit you, and, for many of you, the opportunity might arise to make business outside of work.

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In your health, Aquarius, you want to find more time for yourself for reading, painting or even meditating. Solitude can be very valuable to recover and dedicate time to yourself.

And Aquarius, who love their own spaces and freedom, know how important it is to spend time by themselves. Those are the times when you truly feel free.

Without becoming a hermit, you’ll want to move away from large crowds, whether you know the people in them or not. You feel you need the peace afforded to you by the serenity of your own company.

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