Aquarius Wednesday on a night sky background

You'll have to better adapt to the circumstances - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The key for you today will be to find a balance between being yourself and adapting to your surroundings


Today, Aquarius, some cosmic influences might cause an inability to truly relax and find harmony in your relationship. Try to adjust, correct or adapt your behaviour.

Take into account that a stronger feeling and empathy could solve any unbalance of power and control in your intimate relationships. Mars in trigone with your decan brings very well balanced and non-aggressive energy and passion.

For all of this, we could state that you have all the tools you need to have a satisfying love and sex life. Now, if you cling to selfish attitudes, you’ll only achieve to put distance between you.

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On a professional level, the presence of Saturn marks a season of hard work and responsibility.  It represents the culmination of years of effort and fighting for your goals.

But there can also be restrictions or additional burdens or duties that come with your personal progress. Plus, the quadrant of Saturn with Uranus might bring an undesired change.

This can be a very frustrating moment, but if you keep an open mind, patience and flexibility, the challenges can become opportunities to free yourself from negativity and restrictions.


On a health level, Uranus in quadrant brings with it a disruption of unexpected changes which affect your routine and life as a whole. This will make you feel cornered and in a bad mood.

Under this tension you’ll want to free yourself, which might bother others. For this reason, you might act in a more impulsive, erratic and stranger way than ever.

But you’re finding your own and unique expression, which, in the long run, is very beneficial, so, without going overboard, you should allow yourself to express yourself just as you feel things.

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