Aquarius Wednesday on a night sky background

There's a lot of emotional instability - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, February 24, 2021

You're likely to make errors of judgement and cause problems in your interpersonal relationships


The presence of Jupiter in Libra keeps hugely benefiting Aquarius who wish to move abroad. On a romantic level this involves new opportunities and emotional affairs.

However, the arrival of Mars in an opposite sign is a transit that can cause more than a few problems with your partner. Moments of tension and feeling under too much pressure will overwhelm many.

However, the ability to seduce and have flings will be highly increased, due to which you’ll be able to succumb to the temptation of living an adventure that lets them forget their problems for a while.

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Professionally speaking, you must pay attention to legal matters and keep your paperwork in order, so you can avoid problems. Don’t sign anything that’s legally binding unless you’re sure.

Due to the location of Mars in Cancer in House IV, Aquarius’s area of work, you’ll have to be careful with any kind of aggressive or selfish attitudes at work. This is a period where your place of work will become very hostile.

It’s best not to make any decisions about it until April, as the situation will improve noticeably. However, you’ll have meetings in an atmosphere of cordiality and harmony.


When it comes to your health, the position of Saturn on the sun of Aquarius will cause conflicts in your social manifestations, which can be reflected in antisocial attitudes, due to the difficulties to your personal situation.

This planetary influence will help you consolidate your personal structure.  You’ll feel a strong sense of duty and boundaries.

You’ll be prone to taking over heavy or difficult tasks in any organizations you belong to, without seeking rewards or recognition.

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