The Aquarius sign with a purple background

You'll strengthen your personal relations - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, December 24, 2020

The changes that will take place on a personal and professional level will increase your wellbeing


Aquarius’s horoscope for today reveals that Mars, the sun and Venus positioned in the right house, creating encouraging situations for couples.

This translates into you enjoying your beloved’s company and the time spent together will strengthen your bond. It will be quality time, not because of the amount of things you’ll do but because of the connection you’ll establish between you.

On the other hand, single Aquarius are going through a good moment to start a new love story. This time you’ll be likely to find someone who fits your personal and romantic goals better.

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On a professional level everything indicates great changes, especially for people who work in technical fields. Aquarius will more that reach their set targets and deadlines.

You will also receive the timely advice and support from your co-workers.  So, generally speaking, your professional life will be fortunate for Aquarius.

For those who are self-employed, it’s a good time to invest in new undertakings and expanding those you already have. Despite what you might think at a first glance, your ideas will yield good results.


When it comes to your health, you’ll overcome the tension and illnesses you’ve experienced the last few months. You’ll recover from muscle injuries and you’ll be in good physical health.

On the other hand, on an emotional level today you’ll feel somewhat nostalgic, you're likely to be thinking about moving closer to your family for a season, the one you left behind at some point.

Don't rush into decisions as, during these moments of uncertainty it might lead to you making mistakes, although, if you want to make a lifestyle change you shouldn’t hesitate or let fear hold you back.

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