Aquarius Horoscope Monday 2020

There are storms brewing in your romantic skies - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, November 23, 2020

Paths will open up in your professional life, your health and love life depend on your behaviour


Aquarius, today the astrological influences on your sign might be creating romantic dissatisfaction, perhaps even melancholy. There’ll be emotional disappointments both for those who are single and those who are in a relationship.

Fortunately, Mars in Aries and Mercury in Sagittarius improve your communication, which allows you to meet people and organize a trip with your beloved to some place far away, with the aim of reconciling fully.

Generally speaking, it will be a somewhat tricky day, but you’ll find the necessary tools to get your relationship back on track. If you’re single, you’ll be able to get back on track at the last minute.

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At work, Jupiter and Saturn will be in your sky, for the first time in 12 years (Jupiter), and 29 years (Saturn). An exceptional event will bring you hope and will reveal new horizons.

Now the time has come to act, to change something, during the summer you also felt this need within yourself very strongly. Above all, at work, where if you’re patient, you’ll find it easy to get those opportunities which, until recently, seemed impossible.

Don’t give up on your new ideas, seek the support of powerful people, and this will guarantee success.

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In terms of your health, Aquarius, you must look towards something new, and leave the past behind, which is no longer useful nor satisfactory towards your inner and external progress.

This is what Jupiter and Saturn want from you, not to mention Mars in Aries which gives you physical energy, optimism, self-confidence and trust in your skills, which will be even more prominent as the days go by.

Don’t waste your energy needlessly, if you’ve known how to sow well in the past, now you’ll start reaping, but this harvest will last for many years, it will be bountiful.

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