Aquarius Sign in gold on a starry black background and the word Aquarius in white letters

Your Aquarius Horoscope for November 22nd

Your Aquarius prediction for Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Aquarius, your Horoscope points out that when new episodes open up in our destiny it's normal to be afraid. Even more so when situations won't be very easy from now on.


Aquarius, bad news for your heart. You're going to say goodbye to many loved ones that you won't see again for a long time. A personal adventure will separate you from all of them.

Don't be sad; although it'll be painful, everyone knows you're doing the right thing.

For those without a partner, it'll be much less difficult than for those with a partner. They're likely to grow apart from their partners as well. Be strong.

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Aquarius, you've just left an environment that brought you enough income to live comfortably. Although it's true that it didn't allow you to grow financially. It was entirely up to you to make the decision to leave and you know that you'll take whatever happens with pride. Nevertheless, be prepared for a long period of cold weather and few luxuries.


Aquarius, you're going to start the week with a new project or job that's going to test absolutely everything you know. And you'll see that it wasn't much.

This new job will be difficult, risky, and full of sacrifices. You'll manage to find the strength to do it because you have given your word. Your word is important to you. You never give it in vain and you always stick to it to the end.


Aquarius, you've always seen yourself as a loner who doesn't fit in anywhere, but this isn't true. You'll be surrounded by new faces who'll soon welcome you  as one of their new best friends.


The Aquarius Horoscope is not smiling at you. Arm yourself with willpower and patience because a difficult week lies ahead. Food won't be the best, and be prepared to endure long periods of cold weather.

Wrap up warm, and instead of alcoholic drinks, it might be time to turn to grandma's soups. Learn to protect yourself from colds the old-fashioned way.