The sign of Aquarius with a black starred background

You'll inspire those around you - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, January 22, 2021

Your ability to lead by example will be key in the face of the challenges that await you


Aquarius, your horoscope for today says there’ll be opportunities to connect with a wide network of friends. Therefore, you can inspire others with your points of view on personal renovation.

Plus, you also greatly activate your mind and work on your self-image, the way you are perceived and the way you express yourself. This is essential in order to have success in your love life.

Today might also bring final transformations in your relationships and a lot of emotional subtlety. All in all, it won’t be a day without news, the good news is that you’ll be ready to face them.

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Professionally and financially, you might have to face constant challenges throughout the day.  But it will also be an extremely favourable for all those who plan to change jobs.

On the other hand, Jupiter will act as a guide and it will help you make the right decision in your career, especially if you were going through a period of uncertainty or troubles.

Also take into account that the planetary positions are creating tough circumstances on a financial level. Plus, Saturn places itself in the House of Losses, and this means you’ll incur great expenses during this period.


When it comes to your health, today you might have a more withdrawn attitude towards others. During these times you’ll probably have to sort out some matters linked to the past.

Due to which you’ll also be able to prepare new beginnings which will be felt strongly for this moment. However, some information with a general impact on society might strongly influence your mood.

You might also receive many subtle messages which give you a state of spiritual elevation and grace, due to which it will be a day to take into consideration with regards to your personal growth.

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