Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Saturday, May 21, 2022

Aquarius, real love needs a dose of time and trust


Aquarius, today your Horoscope reminds you that banks often offer more favourable conditions for a mortgage if two people apply for it.

Now that you have overcome the major crisis it could be a good idea to endorse your love for each other with a life plan which will make you inseparable. Living together might not have been in your plans a few months ago, but you're tired of the high rent you have to pay.


The Daily Horoscope sees you'll be particularly inspired to find job offers that match your interests and tastes. Detecting if your profile fits an offer isn't easy, but it's worth a try, Aquarius.

This is a great way to filter so you don't waste so much time sending out CVs. It'll also save you the frustration of seeing so many rejections in a row in the long run.  If you know how to select the right company for you, you'll find something.


Aquarius, the Horoscope has a Saturday of greasy food in store which could make you feel guilty.

Today you're going to make up for everything you've burned during the week, and it's going to make you feel terrible. Luckily, you're in time to disobey Mars and continue to opt for a healthy lifestyle that will comfort you when you step on the scales.


Today the Horoscope asks you to  take advantage of this crisis to strengthen your bond more than ever, Aquarius.

Maybe you don't make out on every street corner and every alley anymore, but you've built something that is undoubtedly much more stable.

Use this new, deeper and more authentic love to build a plan for a life together. It'll make you the best of friends as well as the best of partners.

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