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Your fear will stop you from experiencing love fully - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, January 21, 2021

If you don't want to end up regretting your decisions, you'd better put your fear aside


This day will start with a lot of romance, Aquarius, in an atmosphere that promotes reconciliations, long-awaited unions or even painless goodbyes, of the kind that leave a mark of nostalgia on our soul.

Soon you’ll feel a great need to connect on an intimate level with the person by your side, but as soon as they demand more commitment and openness, you’ll say no, putting on a strong front while being deeply sorry that you feel so afraid.

Not to mention single Aquarius, who don’t take too many steps forward, right now is not the time to try to have a long-lasting relationship.  In fact, your main goal right now will be to avoid commitment.

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On a professional and financial level, today businesses will have wind in their sails, due to which you’ll start making more money. It will be a time of swift financial exchanges with other people, whether through business partnerships or other investments.

Problems with banks, taxes, joint assets and inheritances will be sorted. If this is about wills, relatives will disagree with you, however, you’ll manage to reach an agreement.

When it comes to work, you’ll feel valued and rewarded enough for all of your hard work.  Everything is going well for you in this area, you even feel safe and with hope for the future in your company.


When it comes to your health, while Mercury stays in your House XII, you’ll be very agitated, with insomnia and perhaps a psychosomatic illness, which could be either respiratory or a skin allergy.

But soon Mars in the House X will make you feel protected, although perhaps with a certain propensity to bone problems, stiff muscles and joint pain.

Therefore, any activities which allow you to connect with your body will be essential, as well as those which require pauses so you can find yourself.

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