The Aquarius sign

You'll be focused on helping others - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, December 21, 2020

Planning and your own criteria will help you take positive action in your life


Aquarius, today you’ll be alert so you can protect the people you love and your reactions will be aimed at helping those you love.

You’re likely to feel the need to protect someone from danger or from an enemy or situation which might arise.

On the other hand, you’ll face rather pessimistic surroundings and potentially emotionally volatile people, precisely due to that pessimism they might be feeling.

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On a professional level, your organization will be on a good aspect. You’re likely to focus on planning many things, on working more efficiently or in a more organized manner and, above all, on improving your surroundings.

You’re also likely to receive proposals, options, contracts, documents which you’ll have to handle in a formal way. It will be a day where many Aquarius who had previously persevered and overcome the necessary challenges will reap great rewards.

You’ll feel very creative and you’ll implement solutions in the areas that have come to a halt, especially if you're self-employed and have the freedom to take action.


In terms of your health, everything will indicate that you must focus on your family and loved ones, and on sustaining or firmly increasing what you’ve started before, which can be marked by a positive opening in your surroundings.

But you need to be careful with what you say to others about your life, or about your health in general, as some might misinterpret your words.

In this sense, if you activate your creativity, you’ll achieve everything you set out to do, you’ll discover a lot of potential right now, especially for creating solutions. This independence of judgement and value will give you a lot when deciding on measures to improve your health.

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