Aquarius Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll be going through the best moment in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Art, affection, rapports and connection are your greatest gifts


In Aquarius’s love life, the presence of Venus in your house of marriage, and the sun and Mercury in your house of intimacy, will do wonders for your heart.  It will be an exceptional phase for love.

This is very positive for a slippery sign such as Aquarius. Independent, the ideal friends of the Zodiac, they’ll fight to experience their relationships with no strings attached and they’ll escape commitment, but they’re capable of falling in love harder than anyone else.

And today they’ll accomplish it. Full of passion, they’ll meet kindred people and they’ll enjoy it. Love within relationships will be benefited. It is a good moment to open up your heart, undoubtedly.

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At work, Neptune in your house of money and Venus in your house of work indicate the presence of two strong and kindred energies.  The arts, your affections, rapports and connections will be your best assets.

On the other hand, your weaknesses will be lack of focus, lack of self-control when it comes to some behaviours and disorganization. You must make the most of the good things offered by Venus.

It’s best if you make the most of the financial prosperity promoted by the stars and be careful with false expectations generated by Neptune. You’ll also have great illusion to tackle new undertakings.

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In the area of your health, it will be a very special period for Aquarius, above all, when it comes to matters linked thoughts and the evaluation of your interests.

In this sense, you must pay more attention to what you want and fight for it. Your wit will also be quicker, you’ll stand out because of your creativity and cutting-edge ideas. This will make achieving your soul’s mission easier.

However, pushed by your desires of freedom, you’ll have the push to dedicate to artistic, solidary and group goals. Don’t turn down anything that appears unexpectedly.

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