Aquarius Horoscope Monday 2020

Greater confidence in your interpersonal relationships - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, July 20, 2020

Your wit will help you triumph at work while, when it comes to your health, you'll take the reins of your self-care


As the days go by, Aquarius, you meet more and more positive people who make you feel proud of your communicative and inventive personality. Today will be one of those days which are especially advantageous for you.

Making the most of it, also in your rapports with your nearest and dearest, your good mood will bring you great satisfactions. Your level of trust will increase whether with your partner, relatives or close friends.

Those who are single will explore a new way of connecting, feeling more confident when approaching strangers. Love is all around you, but you must make the right decisions to avoid toying with other people’s feelings.

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You’re not doing your creativity and inventiveness any justice. The stars in the house of hidden enemies make you ill-disposed to be respected. At times you’ll unconsciously attract other people’s judgement unto your person.

For this reason, you should use your wit, it will make things easier not just for you, but for your co-workers, who will thank you for it.

If you’re self-employed, be careful with laziness or lack of discipline. Although you’d probably be better off sunbathing somewhere, it’s up to you to turn your professional project into a success.

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In terms of your health, you must avoid wearing yourself out with physical activity, be especially careful with your bones. Try to include more calcium in your diet and get some sunlight, don’t practice high risk sports.

That aside, your physical appearance will be at the forefront once again, you’ll know how to enhance your attributes. Your sensuality will be highlighted through the self-care rituals which you’ll strictly adhere to.

At the same time, your constant introspection will keep you connected with your authentic needs, not letting you get carried away by situations where you lose the reins of your own life.