Aquarius Saturday on a sky background

Disappointments in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, February 20, 2021

Despite everything being in your favour on a planetary level, things might not go according to plan


Single Aquarius won’t be going through an easy period for conquests. Despite the charm you emanate thanks to the presence of Jupiter and Neptune, you’ll encounter more disappointment than happiness.

However, you might also meet people with whom to strike conversation and, if you’re patient, you might end up in a more stable relationship than you could have predicted.

Those who are in a relationship shouldn’t get carried away by the conflicts of your near relatives, only thus will you be able to avoid greater problems. Don’t let external or personal problems impact your relationship.

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When it comes to your professional life, many Aquarius will find themselves having to wait for progress and salary raises. You should keep your active rhythm of work and hold on tight; you won’t have to wait much longer to have rout efforts recognized.

Those who are self-employed might close profitable business deals, potentially shared with relatives.  It’s clear that you might struggle to reach agreements; but if you’re patient you’ll see good results eventually.

That aside and generally speaking, your profits will be great if you keep pursuing your goals. The important thing is to not lose courage and stay confident.


When it comes to your health, the conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune, which is going through your sign, is too permissive and makes you overconfident, which, at times, can be detrimental to your health.

That’s why, when respecting your daily habits, you’ll need to be cautious with what you eat, as well as taking the time you need to rest. This point will be essential to preserve your good health.

Use the excess of energy you have to exercise, relax, connect with spiritual practices and not neglect your artistic side.

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