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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Saturday, 2 July, 2022

Aquarius, only a good safety net will save you from unplanned expenses


Aquarius, your Horoscope encourages you to help those around you find a date that sets the bar pretty high. There are those around you who are bored with bachelorhood, the pity is that they haven't found each other yet.

If you think they could fit together and form a good duo, don't think twice and arrange a chance meeting. This is the perfect day for you to act as Cupid. You'll shoot your arrows of love with good aim.


The Daily Horoscope advises that you don't let pride blind you to the facts that are becoming more and more evident, Aquarius.  Your finances will suffer an unpleasant setback today that will be traumatic. If you've managed to save a good amount of money these months, it'll be the perfect time to spend it.

Your Horoscope encourages you by telling you that, with the passage of time, you'll recover, have no doubt about it. However, today will be a day to put your head down, find your strength and pay all that money as soon as possible.


Aquarius, your Horoscope indicates that you'll soon be able to go deeper into the goals you've set for yourself. It's not easy to approach them, because they're ambitious and demand high levels of commitment.

However, the rewards for getting there are incredible. And you shouldn't hesitate for a second to keep running towards it, with all your heart.  You have big plans and you shouldn't be discouraged  if you find yourself getting tired at times.


You're ready to face the new challenges that will appear today, Aquarius. Every day, you're able to endure a little bit of running on those afternoons of sport that you've planned for yourself.

As you're learning more, you tend to think that you know it all, but the opposite is true. Your horoscope shows you that this has only just begun.

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