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Your goal is to accept yourself just the way you are - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 2, 2021

Your honesty, self-awareness and awareness of your needs will establish a new direction for your goals


Don’t think only of the classic goals, because just understanding who you are and what you really want that will already be an important goal, because it’s the necessary in order to build full and long-lasting happiness.

If you're in a relationship, Aquarius, there will also be room for attraction, carnal passion, the desire to experiment with new games in your private life, but also to take sensuality to a new dimension, not necessarily linked to sex.

Those who are single will see new loves bloom under the sign of enthusiasm, joy, confidence, but perhaps you’ll be too impetuous, hasty, perhaps even a bit naive.

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On a professional level, there is a very important transit in the house of work and income, there’ll be new collaborations, agreements, and deals. With Mercury united with Jupiter and Saturn, your duties will increase, but so will your satisfaction.

Many advantages might arise in your professional life. However, you shouldn’t waste your money on useless things, channel your financial energies into new projects and projects you've come up with over the past few months.

Everything is possible now, but there's no need to panic. Someone wants to give you a great chance to prove your worth, you shouldn't turn them down but accept and hope that all your ideas can come true soon.


When it comes to your health, with Jupiter being the planet linked to good luck, when it arrives at a zodiac sign, it can immediately bring beneficial events.

However, its new position in Aquarius indicates that those who were born under this sign can finally expect to change something in their life and sowing now means reaping next year.

It must also be said that the quadrant of Mars from Taurus slows everything down, decreases your physical and mental energy, and doesn't allow you to achieve what you want.

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