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Remarkable progress in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, October 19, 2020

Anything which indicates intellectual and spiritual progress will be key for you right now

Aquarius Horoscope Monday 19th of October, 2020
Your Aquarius Horoscope for Monday October 19, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Your love life will be happy today, Aquarius, the current high level of retrograde planetary activity doesn’t seem to have an impact on it. But, even then, you should be more careful with destructive criticism and unrestrained perfectionism.

It's also likely that those who are single will start a romantic relationship with a family connection or with someone introduced by a relative. Now you’re really attracted to foreigners.

This planetary aspect shows someone falling in love with a teacher or a leader in some renowned field. There’ll be romantic opportunities in spiritual and academic environments. Mere sexual chemistry won’t be enough for you right now,

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At work, the power of your ninth house indicates an interest for superior studies, religion theology and trips abroad. If often propitiates great progress in the theological and philosophical fields for those who are interested in these subjects.

However, your finances will be somewhat tricky. Neptune, your planet of finances, has been retrograde for many months now and today it will create unfavourable aspects.

Now you need to work harder to achieve your financial goals. The situation will improve, but in the meantime, face your finances from a place of patience and trust.


In the area of your health, delays and problems are inevitable, but you can minimize them by being more thorough in everything you do. Medical tests cannot be trusted this season.

If you get a negative result, redo the test a bit further down the line, or ask for a second opinion. As the element of earth is still very powerful, it’s better if you focus on practical matters.

You can also enhance your health with massages and, if you notice that your level of vitality is low, you’d do well to cleanse your kidneys with medicinal herbs infusions.

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