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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Aquarius, improve your self-esteem with intuition


Aquarius, you need to recognise that now isn't the best moment for you to go on a trip. You're in an economic moment full of pretty lights and sparkles, but, be honest: you don't know how long it'll last. So you don't know how far the money in your account will take you.

Your Aquarius Horoscope recommends you put that big trip you plan to take next summer on hold. There's no rush to organise right now, you have a few more weeks to spare.


The Daily Horoscope, like that voice in your head, is rarely wrong. Maybe it's your intuition or your conscience, you don't know what to call it. But it has saved you from more than one bad decision at work.

Today you should follow it more than ever, to the letter, because it has important news: you're doing great, Aquarius.

Leave your imposter syndrome behind and get used to compliments.  You're a great professional. They don't tell you that just to please you, they see it.


Despite being Thursday, you'll live with the eternal sensation that it's Friday. It seems incredible that the week doesn't end.

Your Horoscope encourages you to give the last push before the long-awaited weekend. If you need it, you can resort, in moderation, to caffeinated drinks to keep you active and with your usual energy, Aquarius.


Aquarius, today you should be prepared and know how to choose your battles. It's going so well that you're considering moving in together. It all looks great.

However, you should keep one thing in mind.

Today living with someone else implies negotiation, Aquarius. But you shouldn't look for conflict at the slightest opportunity.

You have to understand that they might have habits that you don't know about. The stars say you will overcome all these problems and be very happy together.

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