Aquarius Friday on a sky background

Today patience will be key - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, February 19, 2021

You shouldn't hasten in the face of difficulties, if you cultivate your patience, everything will sort itself out


Despite some Aquarius going through difficult situations that will strongly affect understanding in their relationship, the storm will end sooner than you could have imagined, and things will fall back into place.

Therefore, it won’t be convenient to destabilize yourself, you’ll just have to wait for the negative flows to pass so you can recover your romantic connection with your partner.  So, right now, it’s better not to force things.

Single Aquarius will reap new friendships with their natural charm and, thus, through conversations and unconventional outings, you’ll strengthen bonds which will be long-lasting.

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On a professional level, today you’re likely to have to face certain difficulties and clashes with supervisors or authority figures. Therefore, the best thing will be to keep your demands and aspirations of promotions for a better time.

The best thing would be to go unnoticed so you can carry on with your work in peace and cope with this difficult period. Don’t add more fuel to the fire when you see it’s already burning.

Those who are self-employed won’t do to well in the investments they make on their own, or in dealings with strangers.  It’s better to leave any attempts at financial progress for later.


When it comes to your health, an essential condition will be to spend most of your time enjoying life outdoors to the fullest, as well as taking walks by the sea or a river, or long walks through the woods.

That is to say, you must reconnect with everything that enriches your spirit and gives you joy.  This is the ideal way for you to avoid somatising things and suffering notorious dips in energy.

You should also try natural therapies when you feel disoriented or restless. These things will stabilize completely if you channel them properly.

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