The sign of Aquarius with a black starred background

With patience you'll overcome all problems - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, December 18, 2020

You're going through a waiting period, both in your love life and in your health and work, you should wait and be prudent


Patience might be key right now, Aquarius, and that can be the best way to smooth things over in your relationships, especially today, which isn’t a great day for matters of the heart.

Your matters of the heart seem normal, but your partner’s reluctance to communicate might worry you a bit. It’s best to postpone the pursuit for matrimonial commitments, as this period might not be the right one to make a final decision.

Single Aquarius might be going through a period of insecurity, where they’ll struggle to find love, or any romantic adventure they want to initiate.

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On a professional level, your hard work might not yield the expected results right now. You're likely to closely observe the work of your business partner, just in case you want to learn something.

Plus, you shouldn’t start any projects, it’s best to put a pin on everything at the time. Above all, because your company might not properly recognize your efforts right now.

There are also chances of your performance dropping, but be careful, and don’t let it happen. Plus, don’t be caught doing anything nefarious towards your colleagues.


When it comes to your health, you should be in good shape and healthy.  Even then, you might choose a diet which is rich in proteins and minerals, to help you have more energy and feel stronger, and to steer clear of minor health ailments.

You might also meditate, which could improve your mental energy and peace. Following these guidelines, you shouldn’t have major problems in this area of your life.

Lastly, Aquarius, on an emotional level, today you might be somewhat annoyed, or you might react exaggeratedly to the smallest provocation. Cultivate your patience and look for the origin of that annoyance.

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