You need to analyse your feelings - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Before you keep moving forward with your preconceptions, stop to make an internal evaluation


Aquarius, today you won’t tolerate impositions or rules, you’ll want to do as you please without taking into account what others want. Your partner will demand more attention, but you won’t be willing to listen to them.

The best thing will be to take a step back and analyse your feelings before you keep moving forward, an honest chat will spare the other person unnecessary suffering. If you want to make up with them, apologize and go beyond the obvious, be determined to make an inner change, this way you’ll get them to forgive you.

Those who are single should work on their patience and solidarity, otherwise, nasty arguments could take place, which will push you even further away from love.

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On a professional level, you’ll finish tasks that seemed endless, so you can start others which bring you new opportunities. It will be best to act straight away.

On the other hand, a casual conversation will put you up to date on important news taking place at work. Your suggestions will encounter certain resistance, they won’t want to let you push innovative ideas forward; don’t let yourself be overwhelmed and keep going with your projects.

This is a good moment for business, but afterwards difficulties will arise in every area. Check your position and design new solutions to urgent matters.


When it comes to your health, headaches and stiff muscles might not have a solution if you don’t change your rhythm of work, rest more and start new activities that make you feel good.

Listen to your doctor’s indications and don’t be impatient. The results will be evident if you follow their instructions. Organize your routine in such a way that you have enough time to take a break before you carry on.

Children and teenagers should have a more balanced diet, it’s time for you to step up and stop allowing them to have dietary excesses. Remember that your home will be the best place for resting today.