Aquarius Horoscope Monday 2020

Your way of talking will lay down the path in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, August 17, 2020

Your current professional effors will soon be benefits to celebrate, employ that determination in your health too


Your prediction for your love life today, Aquarius, reveals that you’ll start the week with better prospects than what you ended the previous week with. Now that things have quietened down, you can give free rein to your feelings.

However, you should always express yourself in a constructive way, without judging or blaming others, because that would create conflict once more, which is exactly what you don’t want.

Aside from that, those who are single will start the week in good spirits, willing to jump into love headfirst, which could be counterproductive if you don’t choose the other person well.

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In your professional life, Aquarius, today will be the first in a series of hectic days. You’ll feel somewhat overwhelmed by your workload and the frenzied rhythm in which things are happening, but you know that it’s only a matter of time until things go back to normal.

The good news is that all the efforts you’re making right now will have a positive outcome in the form of incentives and profit for you.

Those who are self-employed will feel a bit anxious, but they’ll know to control their impatience, and they’ll stick to their guns to keep their business on the path to success.

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In terms of your health, this week you carry on with the good streak you’ve been enjoying, that is to say, you feel great and, if you’re suffering a temporary ailment, you’ll barely notice.

Aside from that, your mind could be in a bit of turmoil, mulling over things. Today’s goal will be to stop those obsessive thoughts, whether you do it by listening to music, working out, or doing any other activities which help you take your mind off things.

It’s important to have an escape valve during the more stressful moments, this way you won’t accumulate stress and you’ll protect your body from somatising it into illnesses.

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