Stop running away and open up to love - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 16, 2021

If you open up to what life brings, you'll surely be able to live in a much more fulfilling way


Aquarius’s love prediction for today reveals that there will be those who will try to win over your heart. It would be good if you stopped running and made room for love in your life.

It’s likely that someone from Aries will greatly surprise you by confessing their feelings. This is likely to result in a connection that could last through time due to the connection between you.

Plus, the desire for adventure persists, so if you’re in a stable relationship you’ll enjoy shared interests and you’ll avoid risking the individual freedom you both need.

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Professionally speaking, there’s a very important transit for work and for your income, new collaborations, agreements and contracts. With Mercury joining Jupiter and Saturn, your responsibilities will increase, but so will your satisfactions.

On the other hand, you should channel your energies towards new projects and those you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Everything is possible right now, but you shouldn’t let panic get the best of you.

It’s also likely for someone to try to offer you a good professional opportunity. In this sense, you should go to interviews, train yourself and participate in different projects, because this is a really favourable moment to feel satisfied in your professional life.


When it comes to your health, the horoscope describes an Aquarius who feels strange in some of the areas the move in. Someone who is alone, who knows how to make do, who is strong but also inopportune.

This astral situation contains a warning, it tells you that you’ll find a place to call home. Also, that you’ll manage to acquire goods but that you won’t feel greater security by having possessions.

During the whole year you’ll have to always be on guard, which could make you uncomfortable a dissatisfied. Keep a close eye on these situations in order to remedy them.

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