The sign of Aquarius in half a purple circle

Your romantic bonds evolve - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Although you'll notice important changes in your personal life, your personal life will seem stagnant


Stable relationships will conform to the new demands on both sides, and changes in Aquarius’s mindset will allow the evolution of new bonds, after important changes for both parties.

During the second half of November, Aquarius will prefer solitude to their partner’s company and, if the other person understands this, they’ll allow them to get through this somewhat challenging period of introversion.

Single Aquarius will have great chances of meeting the person of their dreams within the framework of new friendships.

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On a professional level, everything indicates that today will be an exceptionally favourable day in this area, but you also won’t encounter great difficulties. We could say today is a neutral day.

You’re likely to continue with your daily routine, you’ll fulfil your duties, and you’ll close or finish the outstanding tasks you had, but don’t expect great developments.  It’s not that it will be a boring day, it will be just another day.

Those who are self-employed might be somewhat nervous because difficult bureaucratic and fiscal periods approach, but if you’ve done your due diligence you have nothing to worry about.


When it comes to your health, many Aquarius will be seized by terrible fatigue, and will be surprised to find their strength dwindling. What’s happening is that you need proper rest so you can compensate for how much you’ve overexerted yourself.

Some might have problems with their urinary system and should consult a doctor if this is the case, or if they feel some sort of chronic fatigue they never seem to fully recover from.

The symptoms of the latter are anxiety, sleep disorders, aches in your body and fever with no apparent cause. It’s important to not ignore these symptoms, but to not become fixated either.

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