Aquarius Monday on a sky background

Your intellectual side will be enhanced - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, March 15, 2021

Although being very brainy will come in handy at work, the same can't be said in your relationships


Aquarius will be very curious today, thanks to the influence of Mercury. Although you won’t have too much physical energy, your mind will be like a sponge, absorbing practically everything you read, hear or watch.

As well as boosting your intellect, this planet will also affect family relations, especially between siblings.  You might experience some tension at home.

When it comes to your love life, whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll feel passion fizzles out, to give way to a more intellectual rapport. Pay attention to this situation in order to keep the flame alight.

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At work, your communication and diplomacy skills will stand out, which could be really useful not only to close deals but also to interact with colleagues and business partners.

In this sense, Aquarius will have to make things clear and, if they feel others are tricking them, they’ll uncover the truth by asking witty questions.

It will also be a favourable day to stand out at work, where you’ll literally shine: no task will be too hard for you, and others will see your ambition. You must persevere, a promotion is in the pipeline.


When it comes to your health, you’ll want to obtain new information regarding a recurring symptom or ailment. For this reason, you’re likely to turn to several sources or consult different specialists.

On the other hand, you might be a bit unbalanced and stable, as if you were struggling with some internal conflict. When you’re stressed out, you’ll use sarcasm as a defence mechanism.

Remember that you should learn to look within you, rather than projecting on others the parts of you that you don’t accept. A change of attitude will help you experience things differently.

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