Aquarius Monday on a sky background

Problems for budding relationships - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, February 15, 2021

The love life of those who have just started a relationship will be problematic


Today’s love prediction for Aquarius speaks of a good deal of harmony in your relationship, although those who have been in a relationship for a long time will be the ones to enjoy the promised peace the most.

There will be small clashes in budding relationships, nothing big, but it will have an annoying impact on your bond. The reason? Probably the very low interest in sex that Aquarius will show throughout the day.

In your family everything will go swimmingly, after a period of clashes and reproaches.  This will be a good starting point for single Aquarius to feel more self-confident and secure.

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In your professional life, the planetary transits will help you stand out at work. Bosses, colleagues, co-workers, providers and even competitors will recognize your talent, and this will be as important for you as money.

There’ll be successful business interviews, and more than one good chance to create professional connections which could teach you a lot in your area.

You’ll have to keep yourself up to date if you want to be in a good position to compete in the market. Trust in your aptitudes! You have everything you need to shine.


When it comes to your health today, you might suffer nervous exhaustion and small bouts of depression for no apparent reason. Resting and exercising outdoors will make you feel like a new person.

You need to spend at least one hour of your day on self-care, for example, reading, doing something creative, listening to music; because an Aquarius who spends all of their potential on others and forgets about themselves tends to not have great overall balance.

If need be, you should take one or two days off and go somewhere with those good friends who make you laugh so much. Being in good company will be good for you, and don’t forget to include your family in your plans.

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