Aquarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You'll achieve more balanced relationships - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, September 13, 2020

Your professional life demands constant attention, so most of your energy will be focused on this area of your life


The sky’s astrological aspects for Aquarius will help you improve your relationships thanks to a kinder, more diplomatic and more open communication with your other half. At times you tend to impose your thoughts on the other party.

One of your defects, as a sign, is that you often want to argue over how to do things. Even when there’s no need for it. This kind of attitude can push others away, those who don't like to be told what they have to do.

Those who are single will see how their relationships will become easier through a more open and brilliant communication, capable of expressing beauty and good taste. Mercury will make fun and thrilling situations it a lot easier and frequent.

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At work, new energies and being in better shape physically and mentally, makes many of your initiatives today a success.  Projects, trips, proposals, interviews, tests, and any other form of communication in the broader sense of the word.

There could be news both for those who are doing a good job and for those who aren’t happy with their place of employment.

You’re also likely to discover new work opportunities through your friends, especially new ones. You’ll have a chance to experience stimulating meetings, to enhance your social life and to find good allies to move forward in your career.

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In terms of your health, it will be like an explosion from the past, where you’ll have a chance to evaluate old beliefs and attitudes which you’ve discarded now, but which made you suffer greatly in the past.

On the other hand, today your health won’t be exactly at its best, as many commitments at work might cause a lot of stress and anxiety for you.

Try to set boundaries between your professional and personal life, otherwise, you’ll never achieve true wellbeing.

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