Aquarius Horoscope Friday 2020

You'll do more than well in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, November 13, 2020

You must be willing to overcome certain obstacles in in order to achieve your goals


Today, the planetary influences are positive for Aquarius on romantic matters, in fact, they improve their sex-appeal and promote their vitality and libido. They will also help you experience emotional matters more calmly.

Therefore, unless you prefer your career over your relationship, emotional intelligence, admiration for your partner and the positive influx will help you build the relationship you want.

For those who are single, Venus and Mars, with the aid of Mercury, will give them a very efficient ability to communicate. You should keep your eyes peeled in your neighbourhood or social circle, as love is near.

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At work, it’s very likely that you will change jobs, start thinking about changing or looking for options now. You must be open to the possibility that, although these changes could bring stress and uncertainty, there might be better opportunities to create the life you had imagined for yourself.

Plus, the sun’s position in this area might give you some ideas regarding your true vocation.

Without a doubt, new or past opportunities, through ideas, clients, contacts or any other thing might help greatly.  It’s a good moment to start, or continue, with your plan to change directions.

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Aquarius, when it comes to your health, today you must be especially careful with colds and sore throats.  Your muscles might be stiff because of the cold, and your body will demand hot beverages.

Look after your body well this month, as you must be in good physical health in order to have good emotional health. Oftentimes, mental health problems are caused by a chemical imbalance or by a lack of appropriate nutrients.

Learn to prioritize your self-care, more than just on an aesthetic level, as a healthy body is much more beautiful that one that’s well dressed or attired.