The sign of Aquarius in half a purple circle

A favourable moment for your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Your love life is goind swimmingly, while on a professional level you must be patient


For those Aquarius who are already in a relationship, an opportunity will arise to holiday in the mountains. These moments will be very favourable for romance in couples.

If you’re thinking about making the relationship official or getting married, then this is the right time for it. This is a decisive moment to work on your relationship and make it stronger. However, any misstep could cause irreparable damage.

Single Aquarius are likely to rekindle the flame with someone from the past, the important thing will be to not go back on your promises and try to build mutual trust during this period.

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Professionally speaking, the sun, Mercury and Venus in your House XII will help you reflect and be patient. It’s a position where you’re better off preparing things and working in silence, without rushing towards results.

Naturally, with the sun already in your sign, there can be some intense situations which might require all your skill and serenity in order to handle them.

These positions in House XII are also conducive to making some sacrifices, whether it’s towards a personal goal or, even better, towards a collective goal. You might be inclined to help someone in particular, but it is above all a good position to spend even if only a few minutes on humanitarian matters.


When it comes to your health, the passing of the sun and Mercury through your sign indicates a very active period, full of curiosity, of a desire to interact with all kinds of people, to enter discussion forums and to travel.

This is a very favourable time of the year for renovation, change and an opening towards a new beginning which is full of promises. This is a good moment to make decisions regarding activities and progress you want to make over the next few months.

Plus, Mercury is very favourable for reflection and planning, it stimulates your mind, favours self-awareness and promotes your rapport with others.

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