Aquarius Horoscope Saturday 2020

Good astrological influences in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, September 12, 2020

You'll be very fortunate in your professional and love life today, you just need to look after your health, which will be somewhat delicate


Today’s prediction for love says that the stars will give Aquarius a dynamic action focused on building constructive projects in their relationships, but also in their social activities.

These current planetary influences will be favourable for the development of your personal magnetism, increasing your happiness in your relationship and in all other social and emotional rapports. You’ll achieve anything you set out to in love.

So much so that those who are single won’t have any problems winning hearts over, as their good energy will make those, they interact with will want to get to know them better.

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At work, Mercury, the planet of commerce, activates your mind and communication, which will make deals, pacts, agreements and negotiations easier.

Likewise, it will influence the prospects for buying assets and making lucrative investments and, in the development of certain abilities linked to commerce, literature or the media.

Also, Mercury, which will travel kindred angles, making buying, selling, signing agreements and contracts, and business trips, easier. All of this will make it a successful day.

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In terms of your health, the change of paradigm linked to Uranus challenges you to find new ways of perceiving and tackling experiences, in terms of more convincing and satisfactory realities.

As a consequence of tension caused by this transit, some Aquarius might suffer nervous or heart problems, causing arrhythmia, palpitations or nervous exacerbations.

Therefore, you should try to practice activities which promote relax and which release stress. This transit might also coincide with moments of mental instability, with tension which might also cause sleep disturbances.