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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

You could regret letting your impulses run free, Aquarius


Aquarius, your Horoscope encourages you to do all you can to prioritize your relationship.  Worries about your future are causing you to miss too many events. Years from now you'll greatly regret not having been present at such important moments in your soul mate's life.

If you find yourself single and unattached, try to listen to what the universe is offering you.

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The Daily Horoscope points out that you've started the week like a bullet, Aquarius. If you find yourself in charge of a shop or any other kind of business, you'll make a big profit. But be careful, because this has its dangers: you have to make sure you always give the correct change.

Some banknotes could be misplaced and tarnish the great day of sales that awaits you.


Aquarius,  you can't take responsibility for professional aspects you haven't mastered. Today's Horoscope indicates that a client will telephone you with the intention of holding you to account. They understood that, in the assignment, you were also going to work on a supplementary section.

Don't be intimidated; you had made it clear from the beginning what you would charge for this amount. Help them to come to their senses gently.


Your advice is always spot on. You always seem to have the right word of encouragement or consolation. Take advantage of the fact that today you'll be especially successful in this aspect to pave the way for your best friends, Aquarius.


Aquarius, the Horoscope warns you that overindulging at dinner could lead to a bad night's sleep. You should try to lighten the quantities you eat before going to bed because they don't agree with you. This is also bad for your diet and your figure, as you'll only get fatter and fatter.