The sign of Aquarius with a black starred background

Your creative side will blossom - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, March 12, 2021

Creativity has many sides, whether in your peronal or professional life, it is always a positive thing


Your North Node in transit through Gemini for the whole day puts a great focus on romance, children and creativity for Aquarius. This creative energy will come into your life in full force.

Some Aquarius will even welcome a baby and others might write a novel or script, or create some other form of masterpiece: a painting, a business or a sculpture.

At the very least, you should use this energy to have fun, relax and allow yourself to shine rather than blend into the background. This way you’ll be able to more easily attract that person you like.

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At work, Saturn will also transit through your sign, which suggests that anything that arises might involve a great level of responsibility.

In this sense, you’re likely to receive a wonderful new job, but all of a sudden you discover that your boss is intense and that you’ll have a bunch of completely new duties.

The same thing happens with Aquarius who are self-employed. Luckily, Saturn is your old regent, due to which you’re very well prepared to handle this planet’s transits.


When it comes to your health, today you’re likely to have to face some complications, but they will be most likely linked to someone you love, it could be a relative or a close friend.

Your unconditional support will be essential to help that person recover from their ailment.  You will also feel much better knowing that you’re being useful.

However, within you there might be a war raging between the guild and duty you feel about caring for that person. Listen to your heart and the tension will dissipate.

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