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People will demand more attention from you - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Your problem today will be to keep calm and not get carried away by pride or despotic behaviours towards others


It’s a good time to reflect on your attitude, Aquarius, your partner will want more attention from you, and you’ll have to listen to their complaints if you want to avoid an argument, or for the relationship to end abruptly.

If you start a romance, you’ll enjoy a relationship full of passion and fantasy. Don’t let anyone interfere in it, but you also shouldn’t let your rational mind stop you from feeling.

Aquarius who have suffered a romantic disillusion will have time to find love again, the best thing is to not rush into choices, as they might make the same mistake again.

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Professionally speaking, some ill-meaning comments could boycott your projects, Aquarius. If this should happen, it would be best not to respond to the provocations and to wait a couple of days.

Afterwards the way will be made clear and you’ll be able to move towards success with certainty. Even then, misunderstandings will cause some verbal clashes, which shouldn’t escalate if you avoid adding fuel to the fire.

However, good financial results will always keep you united. Either way, it would be good to recognize the merit of those who have worked side by side with you to achieve it.


When it comes to your health, while Mercury stays stationed in your House XII, you’ll be very nervous, with insomnia and perhaps a psychosomatic illness, which could be either respiratory or allergic.

From then onwards your health will improve and Mars will remain in the House X of your sign, due to which you’re protected, although you’ll also be prone to problems with your bones, stiff muscles and certain pain in your joints.

Therefore, any activities which allow you to connect with your body will be almost essential during this rather hectic month, which requires pauses so you can find yourself.

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