Aquarius Horoscope Friday 2020

Being open will make your rapports easier - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, September 11, 2020

Both in your personal and professional life, your attitude will play a key role in achieving the results you expect


Aquarius, today you must remember that your regent, Uranus, is in it annual 5-month retrograde cycle.  During its journey there have been some elements in the air which are linked to your home or personal life.

Mow, you might recover your breath and examine what you need and want in these areas of your life. With a slower rhythm, you’ll have more chances to understand what’s happening around you. Your attitude towards security, co-dependence, attachment to the past and family and home life will keep evolving.

In this sense, you could try to identify and modify your reactions to the world, so that changes can be less random. Those who are single will especially have to deal with many tests.

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You can reach a satisfactory position if you work with someone who follows you and combine your resources.  You want to do things, and you’re unusually direct with Mars in your area of communications.

On the other hand, opposing points of view help you reach a more complete understanding of the circumstances you're facing. Even when you don't agree with someone, this can still help you clarify your own thoughts.

Even then, cooperation with others is more important than usual, so it would be a good moment to open up. People in your life can help you connect with your ideas, chats with them will help you think faster.

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During this cycle, you focus on balancing your interests and personal goals with your social life, or with your partner. The emphasis will be on “us” rather than on “me”.

You need the energy, companionship and support of others, and they will seek out your support and companionship. It’s important to include others rather than going it on your own.

However, it’s not advices to bend to the will of others too much. You’ll emphasise personal social interactions, one on one.