Aquarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Tear down the walls you've put up - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Pleasant surprises await you in all areas of your life, open up to enjoy everything you have before you


Your wisdom will make you choose balance between your mind and heart, you must be open to learning about aspects of yourself which are still hidden, let your partner discover you, or a new love which fills you with joy.

It’s time to fully experience the love around you, Aquarius, if you let fear hold you back, then it will probably be a long time before you can find it again.

This is valid both for those who are single, and for those who are in a relationship, it’s important for you to stop playing chase and be honest with yourself and with others, discover what you truly desire and act accordingly.

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At work, everything indicates that important changes are coming, that will lead down more productive paths.  However, you might be afraid to face these changes, but trust in your instinct and strength.

It’s also important that you learn to let go of that which is no longer useful, and not resist changing the aspects of your life which are holding you back, both in this area of your life and in other areas.

Just think about what makes you happy and makes you want to embrace your life with all your might. This, applied to your work, has a lot to do with encountering or rediscovering your true vocation.

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In your health, you should pay especial attention to the signs which are coming your way under many guises, intuition is often better than any diagnosis, as it’s more in contact with your body.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn't  pay attention to the doctors recommendations, but you should pay closer attention to what your body is trying to tell you, for this reason you first need to empty your mind.

Keep calm and relaxed before any situation, you must learn to observe and make conclusions in the moment, without getting carried away by passion or impulse.