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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Saturday, 11 June, 2022

Aquarius, fresh air is the perfect way to let off steam


Aquarius, today the stars have predicted that it'll be a good day for friendships but not so much for love. In fact, you shouldn't let yourself be carried away by anger toward your partner. It's been brewing over what he or she has been doing for a few days that you can't stand.

You can propose that you spend the day with your friends, because they'll bring the happiness and calm you're looking for this Saturday. You can spend a nice afternoon outdoors.


Aquarius, your Horoscope warns you that a device in your home will need a technician very soon. It could be the new intelligent water heater you have installed, the oven which is starting to get hot on its own or the shower tap which is losing pressure.

In any case,  get your wallet ready, because it won't be fixed in just a couple of hours. You'll have to bring in the spare parts you need from abroad.


The Daily Horoscope advises you to  leave your mobile phone at home if you go out with your family  or partner. You can't be absent when you hang out.

You know you don't do it on purpose, Aquarius. But more than once you've been called out for looking at work stuff when you should be paying attention to your friends.

The Horoscope wants to reassure you, and so warns you that you won't need to make any phone calls all day.


Aquarius, the Horoscope warns you that you're suddenly going to feel the urge to visit the rural village where your parents grew up. You need some fresh air and a green hiking route.

So, don't give it a second thought. Today you should throw your bike in the car and do some sport in the middle of nature.

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