The Aquarius sign

Try not to be so cold and distant - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, January 11, 2021

If you solve your character flaws, things could go very well for you today


Aquarius, everything will be great in your love life today.  You’ll have stability but without changes. If you’re married or in a relationship, you’ll carry on with your daily life without issues. The potential problem could be having moments of stress and venting with your partner.

It will be a tense day, which will make you vulnerable on the one hand and unbearable on the other. You have to control your temper and be sweeter. Try to show affection to your partner and to others.

You might be unintentionally too cold and distant, which will impact your relationship. If you’re single, there could be a romantic encounter.

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Professionally speaking you’ll do very well today. Everything you do is a success, because you have vision of the future, you know how to set goals, pursue them, follow-up and reach them.

You have an unimpeachable professional ethic and everyone around you knows it, due to which they trust and support you. You’ve always worked very hard, but this year you’ll work even harder to try and give your very best and find other sources of income.

You’ll do very well money-wise. Everyone who knows you want to work with you, because you’re always an asset. They know that anywhere you work, the business makes a profit.


When it comes to your health, it will be unstable. The main problem that you might have is that you won’t be careful enough. You’ll think of others too much, and very little about yourself. You have to pay attention to your body and see what it demands of you.

Don’t overexert yourself working or exercising. When you’re tired you should rest, sleep and recover your energies. If you have low energy levels, you’re more likely to fall ill. 

Right now, preventive medicine is the best choice, to avoid any ailments: Vitamin C, rest, sleeping enough, prioritize your work and disconnect. This way you’ll keep your health intact.

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