Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday on a universe background

It's time to solidify things - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, February 11, 2021

Although you've been going through a period of personal transformation, the time has come to put things into practice


Aquarius, today you must bid farewell to Neptune, however, you shouldn’t turn your back on this transcendental phase of your life where you’ll be able to discover what you truly value.

Other people, especially your nearest and dearest, will be very important these days.  Encourage dialogue with them and be willing to listen to their requests and confessions.

For a while now, Aquarius, you’ve been submerged in a personal process of spiritual evolution. Now’s the time to stop dilly-dallying and start making things happen, especially in your love life.

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On a professional level you’ll need to know that there’s a reason behind everything you do, and that what you want to achieve in life isn’t based solely on profit. 

On the other hand, Neptune will make you think about reorganizing your finances and analysing what your true personal skills are.  You’ll have to be very aware of what your greatest asset is.

From this analysis you’ll be able to carry out the transformations you’ll have to make to your personal finances. If you don’t do this exercise, you’ll waste your money and personal skills.


When it comes to your health, Saturn will become retrograde in your House IX. This is something you can use to determine some details of that spiritual and intellectual development you’ve been undergoing for a while.

Open up to everything that’s happening around you, don’t limit anything. Mercury and the sun still have a few days in your sign. These planetary flows will make things easier for you and you’ll have more energy and will be in a better mood to tackle anything you have in mind.

It would seem that your wishes come true with a bit of effort, and that the solutions to your problems become easier to find. Plus, you’ll be more self-confident, and you’ll put your wishes above those of others.

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