Aquarius Sunday on a sky background with shooting stars

You'll finish the day better than expected - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, April 11, 2021

It will be a tough day that will require great mental effort, but you'll be able to get through it


Aquarius who are in a relationship will want to talk about everything, which will be very surprising for this sign, which is usually very private and not prone to expressing their feelings.

On the other hand, Uranus pushes you to dive back into your family life and exposes a crisis which will revolve around something you’ve been dragging for a long time and which prevents you from being yourself.

If you’re single, you feel that the people you’re seeing are asking for too much. You want to enjoy the presence of Uranus to face that which is stagnant, which is the best way to avoid abrupt breakups.


At work, it’s time to act and leave fear and insecurity behind. Aquarius has been saving for a long time, not just money but also words and actions.

It could also happen that some Aquarius will be rather distracted.  That aside, generally speaking, Aquarius will have a stable day, without needing to check their bank account all the time.

This financial security you seek, and which many will find, will be harder for the younger ones, especially those who are looking for a job.


This won’t be an easy period in many aspects of your life, despite the patience and responsibility, the influence of the stars will carve a tricky path with some misunderstandings.

This doesn’t mean you should cast aside your personal ambition and projects in general, but that you’ll need to regain your self-confidence to get back on your feet.

You’ll strive to create solutions and help fix problems as much as possible, with your need to express your ideas, especially on a social and professional level, you’ll finish the day better than you expected.

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