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There's enough love in your life - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, December 10, 2020

With love and profession on your side, you shouldn't pay any mind to those thoughts of want or need


A very good atmosphere at home, with love and a good level of communication.  There are family celebrations because of a wedding or union of a child or sibling, perhaps due to the birth of a grandchild or another little one in the family.

If you’re in a relationship, everything will unfold harmoniously, there’s enough complicity for Aquarius to feel comfortable and not run for the hills, as they tend to do.

If you’re not in a relationship, you’ll keep wreaking havoc with your conquests. Although the most important thing is that, again, you’ll have the opportunity to meet someone who seems to match you perfectly, and who has all the attributes to become someone very important in your life.

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On a professional level, there’s a lot of business activity, but you shouldn’t forget that, in this period, your mere presence causes a multiplying effect on your sales due to the huge magnetism you’re currently enjoying.

All areas will be improved.  It’s also a good moment to enter associations as no signs are being restricted.

In this sense, no area is in a bad aspect and you’ll have multiple chances of finding what you're looking for. There’ll be normalcy for those who have a stable job.


When it comes to your wellbeing, on a physical level you won’t notice any problems, you’ll feel in good shape, which will soothe your mental worries. You’ll be tense on an emotional level.

Despite things going well, you have the feeling that something’s missing, or that something could be going better. Try to forget these feelings for a while and focus on what you’re going through right now.

Further down the line you’ll be able to reflect on these matters and make the decisions you deem best. Now’s the time to wait and live in the present moment.

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