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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Aquarius, remember that the early riser is helped by a deity


Aquarius, your Horoscope warns you that this could be a Thursday which will generate a lot of tension in your heart. If you're in a relationship, many of these problems could stem from your partner's family. You're talking less and less to them, and this is causing friction.

On the other hand, if you're single, perhaps you should start thinking about how best to get yourself back in the spotlight. You're neglecting yourself too much, and your appeal is fading.

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The Daily Horoscope says  you have to find a way to balance your expenses and income, Aquarius. This is a must in a domestic economy that aims to prosper. If your expenses are high because of your standard of living, you'll have to look for new ways to obtain money.

Maybe it could come in the form of an interest-free loan from a friend.


Aquarius, at work, you'll, unfortunately, get involved in a controversy that could arise from a dispute on a social network.

Your Horoscope advises you to watch the way you express yourself in writing.  Often text messages have no tone and are open to misinterpretation. Your image could be damaged.


Aquarius, if you want to enjoy a healthy friendship, it's best to go out with your best friends. You can make plans together and attend events of all kinds.


The Horoscope recommends that, in order to get rid of the stress which is oppressing your muscles these days, you should do some sport, Aquarius. It's best to do it early in the morning, as soon as you get up. This way, you'll favor fat burning, and you'll get active quickly.

Your physical and mental health will thank you for the activity.