Aquarius Horoscope Thursday 2020

You're surrounded by unfavourable astral aspects - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, October 1, 2020

Although your love life is destabilized, this won't extend to your professional life or to your health


Today’s prediction in your love life, Aquarius, reveals that Venus in quadrant together with many values influenced by Scorpio makes you nervous. Uranus is also coming to the end of its long stay in the sign of Aries and getting ready to destabilize Aquarius.  

But you’re a great juggler and you have many resources, which will mitigate the extent of this influence which might wear you down, but it will also help family matters and even long-lasting relationships turn around.

In the meantime, you’ll probably encounter more than one person you’ll deem irresistible, in spite of you disdain for traditional love stories. You’ll feel happier and more peaceful than before, regardless of the choices you make.

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In your professional life Jupiter will bring you great benefits and money, especially on the activities you like the most. That is, those linked to new technologies, research, cutting-edge studies, as well as public relations, naturally.

After a period of struggle, the time has come for good surprises, of important and beneficial connections, of opening windows and letting new air and new projects flow.

Only those born at the end of January will still be prone to some hurdles caused by Uranus. But you’re flexible and unpredictable.

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Today there won’t be any potentially harmful transits. Rather, with Jupiter in a good aspect to Sagittarius, you’ll shine again, you’ll smile again, and you’ll be optimistic again.

This will automatically make you feel full of strength, more and more fortunate on a physical and emotional level. The only obstacle between you and absolute serenity will be Uranus’s quadrature.

The consequences might be that you’ll stumble unto sudden changes which might affect your mood. However, it won’t be anything remarkable.

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