Aquarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You seek tranquility at all times - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, November 1, 2020

It's time to surround yourself with people who inspire you so they can help you bring out your best qualities


Today, Aquarius, you might prefer to lay back and keep your romantic moments peaceful, simple and relaxing, you’re not up to experiencing overwhelming passion or thrilling stories that demand too much energy.

On the other hand, old family problems might ruin a good moment if you let them, but you have a choice in the matter: avoid bringing up the past unless you plan on fixing it.

Those who are single will stay away from all social contact, as they don’t feel very cooperative today. This feeling of not fitting in or of being angry at the world might last a few more days. It’s obvious that with this attitude you won’t be able to connect with any other human beings.

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At work, due to Mercury retrograde, you’re unlikely to make much progress, but you can definitely lay the groundwork for future plans.

The best thing you can do is align with those you respect and admire, whether its friends, mentors or partners, this works in your favour on many levels, it will prepare you to bring out your best attributes.

Those who are self-employed would also do well to surround themselves with people who inspire them, that invite them to create and come up with solutions. It’s best if you avoid those who don’t believe in your chances for success, or those who only look on the downside of things.

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In your health, when you retrace some of your steps you might have a feeling that things are taking a turn for the worst. But this is the moment to finish what you started, of investigating what you need to know and to detect any problems.

Mental stress, deadlines and external pressure could make you feel exhausted. Nurture your body’s nervous system: vitamins B, magnesium, calcium and ginko biloba are very handy for this.

Also try to remain flexible, stretch regularly and try to have a hydromassage; if you don’t have one at home, go to a nearby spa if you can.

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