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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Sunday, May 1, 2022

Aquarius, look the present in the eye and tell it that you are amazing









❤️ Love

Aquarius, the key to enjoying an incomparable future comes in three steps. Write down:  today, now and immediately. If you neglect your present, you'll never move towards the life you aspire to.

If you are tormented, at the moment, by something you did in the past, accept your mistake and let the guilt evaporate.

💰 Money

The Daily Horoscope suggests you devote part of your income today to buying essentials for your wardrobe. Now that there are more social events again, you may soon need clothes for a wedding.

It never hurts to have something new in your wardrobe so you don't get overwhelmed on such occasions.

🛠️ Work

If you're not sure, don't do it, Aquarius. Your Horoscope suggests you  don't take risks at work today if you don't have it all your own way.

This demand for a higher salary could create unnecessary tension with your boss. And in a few months, who knows, you might not be offered a renewed contract.

👩‍⚕️ Health

If you are concerned about your physical health,  fill your mobile with motivational songs and hit the gym. Your horoscope assures you that some sport will improve your posture and your back pain will improve.

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🍀 Lucky numbers for Aquarius

The lucky numbers for Aquarius for Sunday 1 May are: 5, 9, 20 and 25.

👍 Tip for Aquarius

You have to do whatever you think you can't do.

⭐ Aquarius Celebrities

These celebrities were born in Aquarius just like you: 

- Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer born in Funchal, Portugal, on February 5, 1985

- Shakira, singer born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on February 2, 1977

- Michael Jordan, basketball player born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963