The Aquarius sign

The planets are favourable - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, March 1, 2021

There are benevolent planetary influences in all areas of your life, which are helping you achieve your goals


Today’s prediction for Aquarius says that having Venus in transit through your second house isn't a bad thing at all. In fact, the Pisces zodiac sign is still a symbol of romance and sensitivity, and the transit of the planet of love through this area of the zodiac still indicates good luck in love.

If you spend more time on exercising and looking after your physical and mental wellbeing, you’ll have great opportunities of meeting a mysterious person, perhaps even more than one.

In fact, Venus is in sextile going through Aries, and Mars is going through Gemini, which makes you long for fun flings with no strings attached.

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At work, Mercury is with you once more during the first part of the month, giving you interesting income and work opportunities, and bringing good news.

However, given that Jupiter and Saturn are behind you, this atmosphere of renovation will continue even further. Plus, it will bring pleasant and fortuitous events on a business and financial level.

It’s true that perhaps you’re spending a lot of money to make some professional projects come to fruition, but the harvest will be plentiful. If you still don’t have a job or are planning on changing jobs, the first two weeks are ideal for this.


When it comes to your health, Jupiter and Saturn are with you, but also Mercury in Aquarius and then Venus in Aries, not to mention the wonderful Mars in Gemini which could bring good news when it approaches Jupiter in a trigone.

A very pleasant event, great profit, an excellent professional opportunity or even an almost miraculous health recovery (although this will only happen in very few cases).

This could be a period filled with creativity, great vitality and physical energies which could allow you to make progress with several ideas before the year is over.

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