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It's the right time to fall in love - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, January 1, 2021

Your emotional openness and new outlook on life will bring you many positive things


Today’s love prediction for Aquarius reveals that, at the beginning of the year, you’ll have deep and sincere feelings.

If you’re in a relationship, there might be small fits of jealousy at the beginning of the month.  But serenity will soon return, as will shared feelings, the desire to find new horizons together, hand in hand.

For those who are single, January might be a very good month to fall in love. You’ll be sufficiently open to put Cupid in your path and encourage passion to manifest in your life.

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On a professional level, you’ll start the year feeling confident, perhaps also because you’ll enjoy a special situation of understanding with your colleagues.  Your social life at work will be at the forefront during the beginning and the end of January.

On the other hand, this period is likely to be a source of great satisfaction and certainty for you. This means you’ll receive a salary that will match your efforts, and also that your job is not at stake.

You will also feel you’ve reached a certain stability, which will make you feel a great sense of wellbeing, expansion and personal and material satisfaction.


When it comes to your health, there might be tensions with the moon and Venus in Scorpio: you’ll experience moments of intense passion for a few days, you’ll feel that your personal freedom is in danger... But it will only be for a few days.

The stars will be much more generous under the benevolent influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, and also under the good will and optimism of Mars in Aries. Which will bring a new point of view on life for you.

This renewed perspective will help you better face all health matters, both your own and that of your friends and relatives.

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