The Aquarius sign with a blue background

You need to make your move - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Not only do you need to make the first move, but the stars support you so you can get the expected results


Aquarius, today you’ll experience some romantic tension, however, your expansive nature will be supported by the universe, you’re popular and your emotional life is deriving the benefits of it.

If you’re in a relationship, this will be characterized by harmony and complicity, as well as the rekindling of passion. This month forecasts a wonderful end of the year in your relationship. Stability and evolution will be on the agenda.

If you’re single, your personality will be enriched by the anchoring and optimism of Venus, which you lose in sparkle you will gain in depth. It’s your turn to make a move, don’t hesitate and take the leap of approaching that person.

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At work, the dynamic planetary system will positively affect your investments.  There is where you’ll have a chance to achieve optimal success, if you join strengths with someone close to you.

You're also likely to feel relieved at work because you will be able to successfully explain to someone some things which you used to think were intricate and complicated.

In this sense, sorting out those matters will be easier than you think, which will surprise you exceedingly, as what used to seem impossible to handle, will now become a very simple task for you.


In your health, Aquarius, you’ll benefit from the support of Mars in Aries, however, you might experience a sudden change with regards to your home or family, which might cause some stress for you.

On the other hand, Venus softens your destiny, beyond that, harmony will be present in your emotional and physical life despite external circumstances.

On the other hand, Mercury and the sun enter Capricorn, creating the need for reflection or making you pose so you can maintain your balance. Try to take everything that’s happening around you calmly.

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