Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday

You'll feel everything is getting hard - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, April 1, 2021

There won't be a single aspect of your life that won't test you, or which won't demand all of you right now


We’re already in April, Aquarius, despite some of you going through tough situations that will strongly affect understanding in your relationship, the storm will end sooner than expected.

For this reason, you shouldn’t destabilize yourself, you’ll just have to wait for the negative influences to move forward. If you keep calm, things will go back to normal.

Those who are single, on the other hand, will create new friendships thanks to their natural charm and, thus, through unconventional conversations and plans, will strengthen bonds which will last through time.

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At work, today you’ll be able to face some difficulties and clashes. The best thing is to be firm but not overstep.

On the other hand, those who are self-employed won’t do well with any investments they do on their own or in dealings with strangers.  It’s best to postpone any attempt at financial advancement.

Those who are looking for a job will find more opportunities than in previous months, however, you’ll have to give the best of yourself and, above all, avoid being impulsive. Think every reply and every action through before you do anything.


When it comes to your health, it will be essential to spend a lot of time fully enjoying the fresh air, such as taking strolls through places close to the water or going for hikes through the woods.

That is to say, you’ll need to connect with everything that enriches your spirit and brings you joy. It’s the best way to avoid somatising things and having notorious dips of your immune system.

Also turn to natural therapies when you feel disoriented or uneasy. This is so long as these things don’t require professional medical intervention, naturally.

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